The quarantine time and projects.

Life is wonderful, interesting, but absolutely unexpected. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. I was in Tokyo in September and after … Boom… Pandemic. Covid-19 affected our lives, economy, travel, and lots of other industries. It feels like the entire world just freezes, and we are all stuck. Lots ofContinue reading “The quarantine time and projects.”

Rome: hotel and restaurants reviews

Rome. Rome. Rome.   What a wonderful city. Beautiful, impressive and powerful. One of my favorite ones. I endlessly can talk about Rome, but this post will be short and practical, with no lyrics. I will just overview the hotel where we stayed and some restaurants. Let’s start !  Hotel We stayed at Prati district atContinue reading “Rome: hotel and restaurants reviews”

Dining etiquette in Japan.

Proper etiquette at the table is important in every social situation. Table manners are the elementary way to show respect and appreciation to your host or surrounding people. The country you are visiting may have different dining etiquette rules. Take some time to learn about it. A respectful manner will help avoid embarrassing yourself.  JapanContinue reading “Dining etiquette in Japan.”