Celebrate 100 Suitcase Travel Blog posts with an author. Q&A

Today I have a small achievement: I have already published 100 posts. In celebration of my little blogging anniversary, I decided to conduct an interview with myself. I think, through the interview, you can get a good sense of a person’s personality, worldview, and life opinions. I will interview myself, but if you have anyContinue reading “Celebrate 100 Suitcase Travel Blog posts with an author. Q&A”

Happy International Women’s Day!

To my dear women, everywhere; Happy International Women’s Day!   Today is the day that symbolizes strength, unity, solidarity and the ongoing struggle for women’s rights around the world. But also, today is a day that signifies beauty, femininity, grace and harmony.  No matter how strong and independent women have become, we still embrace the capacity andContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”