Travel after pandemic.

Never quit your dreams…

Unfortunately, Covid-19 unexpectedly disrupted our lives, economies and the whole world feel uncertain about the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has suffered a significant impact on the tourism industry. The United Nations World Tourism Organization estimated that global international tourism arrivals might decrease by 20-30% in 2020, leading to a potential loss of US $30-50 billion. The planned travel went down by 80-90%. Many tourist attractions around the world, such as museums, galleries and amusement parks are closed. Concerts and sports events cancelled or postponed. As a result of the pandemic, many countries closed completely or partially their borders for tourists. Airlines, cruises and hotels have been severely hit by a reduction in travel. Millions of jobs have been lost worldwide. All these aspects caused negative impact on the economy.

At the present moment many countries have introduced new travel restrictions, regulations and measurements for people to reduce risks of being exposed to the virus. Once the outbreak is over the recovery for industries take up to 10 months. But obviously after the pandemic the world will never be the same and the way we live and the way we travel will change. Necessary restrictions will cause tourist’s life more complicated. Travel and security rules may increase the time you need to check in. Perhaps airport access will be not permitted to the people who is dropping friends and family members off at the airport. All travelers will be required to wear a non-medical mask at the airport and during the flight. I am certain there will be more new rules..

Hopefully all travel restrictions will be effective and the virus will be faded and tourism will be started again. Desire to make a journey will not go away. We have to just be patient and wait until the situation will be safe and stable, then slowly we can start to travel again.

Perhaps the better idea for now to start to travel locally. I am sure there lots of interesting places, parks or other attractions around. Also, investing in local tourism will give a good support to travel sector. Slow tourism offers a new alternative form of vacation now. It is called Staycations and it might become popular again.A staycation is a combination of vacationing and staying at home. Just like a traveling vacation, a staycation is about relaxation and enjoyment. There lots of ideas what you can do during your time off. People can attend nearby parks and museums, lake or beach, you can go to picnics or bike ride, have a fun in your backyard pool, attend local festivals or zoo or just have a nap. Staycations might be less expensive than a vacation involving traveling. People also can avoid some of the stress associated with travel, such as jet lag, big packing, long drive or waits at airports. Staycations might be a good option for people and significant economic benefit to some local businesses and also could create new business opportunity. However, slowly the world will recover and I am sure there lots of to explore and discover. Don’t lose the hope. Stay safe, be optimistic and never quit your dreams…

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  1. Hello Angela, this must be your first article … The reader has stopped there! So, I must have liked all of your articles. I hope to read you soon Marie-Anne

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