The quarantine time and projects.

Life is wonderful, interesting, but absolutely unexpected. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. I was in Tokyo in September and after … Boom… Pandemic. Covid-19 affected our lives, economy, travel, and lots of other industries. It feels like the entire world just freezes, and we are all stuck. Lots of worries, concerns, uncertainties, and unanswered questions. This is a very hard time for all of us. I feel terribly sorry for people who lost their family members, friends, colleagues, or neighbours in this pandemic. And for people who are still fighting for their lives. I wish them a speedy recovery.

Lots of people lost their jobs and locked in their homes in quarantine. Very sad situation… But… I believe that everything has two sides: bad and good. Even in a bad situation there might be a good side. I want to talk about the good side of the quarantine.

I work in the arts and theatre industry. Unfortunately, in bad economic situations arts and entertainment die first. So, I got layoff, and I am still on layoff and I don’t know when I will be back to work. But… When I got my layoff, I decided not to panic and take a rest first. I slept like a rock for days and nights. I think I was overtired and stressed and needed to get my energy back. After, I happily did early spring cleaning. I listen all my audiobooks which were sitting on my list by months. I finished sewing my dress, which I started several months earlier and didn’t have a time to finish. And after the question appeared “What is next? What else to do? “

I can’t change the situation, so I have to accept and adjust to alternative lifestyles. Maybe this is kind of sign or live lesson for me. Maybe it is time to stop running and worry about everything. It is a good time to think about where I am in my life and what to do. It is possible that this is a kind of reboot time and time for changes. Maybe another chapter begins in my life? Who knows …? But I know for sure that life has changed, and we will never live the same way we used to live. Now life will be more computerized and technological progressive. It will be very interesting what we will have in the next 20 years. But what to do now…?

Then I relaxed, inhale and started. I decided not to waste quarantine time, follow my heart and find something that I really like to do. I started to take different courses on Coursera I took several courses with different subjects. After testing myself what is interesting for me, I took a couple courses of graphic and web design. At some point I needed to practice and I started to design my website. Started with so many subjects and ideas and only one survived… Finally, I designed and created my first and hopefully not last website. It is “Suitcase” – Travel blog. I don’t know if I did a good job and professional looking website but I really like it now. It is fun for me to write, look at my pictures, think about trips and relive my emotions again. I was talking with one of my friends. She supported me in this project, but also said “Ah, Angela this is not a very good time to do travel blog!” We laughed. I agreed with her. Perhaps it is not a good time, but… perhaps this travel blog will help me to survive emotionally. Yes, I can’t travel and go places where I want to go, but my mind continues to travel and I feel good. We can “fly away” and dream together. Right? 

My story just began and maybe one day I will write another post about what happened next. Maybe nothing is going to happen. Nothing at all. But for now, I decided to listen myself, find harmony in my soul and follow my heart. Enjoying doing what I like is very important for me. 

I also questioned my relatives and friends how they use quarantine time. And ….. They don’t waste it too. 

My sister is an art history teacher, and works in high school. I think she is a great teacher. She always tries to inspire her students to love art. Art is very important for the young generation and all of us. It is good “food” for the soul. It allows us to create, imagine, visualize and transform our ideas to reality. Art helps in social life, helps to express ourselves and think out of the box. Behind the paintings, sculptures and architects, lots of history and culture. But the teacher is the key in this subject, and she has to find the way how to capture student’s attention and make classes more interesting and memorable. My sister learned how to make video-presentations with animations and cartoons, which is making more fun to watch and learn. She did good job. Online educations it is a big challenge for teachers and students. 

This is a student’s evaluation test after they study the Art of African Cultural Region subject. I like their work and the creativity of the test. It is not just reading; it is practising and visualizing. In the first two drawings, the students used Doodling technique. This technique not only fun, but also can be incredibly beneficial. It relives stress; helps relax and improves memory. This practical test happened in “old” time… before the pandemic. 

Also, my sister spending more time with her grandson, and they both enjoying each other company. They have a big fun together. 

My aunt Galina is a painter. About 10 years ago, she tried to work in plasticineography but gave up at some point. Now, at 80, she started plasticine drawing again. She said, “This is a very interesting painting technique. Painting with plasticine more challenging than with oil. Making the right color is the most complicated part.” I love her paintings. This is wonderful and impressive. I think plasticineography is an amazing and very good exercise for fingers, and very beneficial for the intellectual and emotional level. I’m very glad she found interesting things to do in this sophisticated time. To keep herself busy and healthy is very important.  

My dear aunt dedicates her life to art and painting and inspires everyone with her creativity and incredible energy. Her kids, grandkids, and eight great-grandchildren are also very creative and talented.

My friend and former coworker Rose sewed around 500 masks during her quarantine. Most of them, she donated to friends and hospitals.  

120 masks she donated to Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg. This is a community-based club with many youths developing programs and a safe alternative to the streets. 

People who got a free mask were so appreciated Rose’s kindness and support that some people gave her money. So, she collected $225 and donated this money to Winnipeg Harvest. This is also non-profit organization. They help people who are hungry and needed most.  

Rose has a big heart, and she is a very generous person. I think this is a very touchy and wonderful story. 

I believe there more stories and I’m wondering, How did or do you use your quarantine time? Please share. Perhaps your inspirational stories can help someone to bring some positive changes in their lives. 

Please stay healthy and safe!  

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16 thoughts on “The quarantine time and projects.

  1. Анжела, спасибо вам за ваши интересные и необходимые статьи, сейчас в это время. Хорошему человеку всегда хочется хорошее сказать, чтоб не сомневался никогда, красоту души всю показать! Да, в Ваших глазах солнце сияет, согревая всех своим добром,пусть об этом каждый знает, чтоб делиться душ своих теплом!

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  2. Beautifull paintigs! You are right. There’s More time to spend with your family and relax! I have been blogging and writing more than for long time. Usually I had always rush. It’s nice to have more own time.

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  3. Great read!
    We returned from Italy to Australia on the 2nd February, just before serious lock-down across Australia. Renovated a house from top to bottom, inside and outside as it was in a tragic state after my tenants of 14 years’ left. Check out my blog for the 6 chapters of the mess and a video! 😉

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  4. The live performance industry will have to reinvent itself. A blogger friend is a young (30-ish) English Soprano. Wonderful voice. She and her husband (Her piano “accompagnant” have given week-end concerts – free – to their neighbours form their balcony… Doesn’t pay the rent, but maybe that idea will lead on to another…
    Take care

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      1. I work in art industry and all shows and tours canceled or postponed. We can’t do anything. Plus we have a very good support from the government so people are staying home and just waiting. I try not to waste my time and figure out what else I can do.

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      2. Staying home is good. Despite what morons across the globe say. Figuring out what can be done is gonna be hard. I, for one, though not American, am suspended to the November 3 election. That will determine much of the near future… 🤞

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  5. Haha, I had the same doubts… wondering whether this was the right year to start a travel blog. But we have been fortunate, we have been able to travel a lot in recent years and also earlier, so I decided to “re-experience” these travels by digging up the old photographs, and to blog about the memories. And to share these, of course. People seem to enjoy them.
    Keep sharing the contents of your “travel suitcase” with us, please!

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  6. Even though we are both retired, our Covid days seem busier than pre Covid times, with exercise, walking, cycling, cooking from scratch, cleaning, etc. But, biggest of all is the communicating by phone, E-mail, text, Skype, Zoom. We are more connected than ever before and this part is the best of all. Stay well Angela. The vaccine is coming. My son, in health care finally got his first dose today. There is great hope. All the best. Allan


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