Travel Challenge – Day 8.

Today is my Day 8 of Travel Challenge. Ah, I want to start travelling again so badly.

I was invited to participate in the Travel Challenge by wonderful blogger and photographer Nilla, from Image Earth Travel.   

As a beginner blogger, I’m very excited to have new blogging experience and be involved in the blogger’s life. Thank you very much, Nilla!  

The Travel Challenge involves posting one favorite travel picture for each day. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations, without any explanation. If you take up this challenge, then you also need to nominate someone each day.   

Today I nominate Diana from Handstands Around the World for Day 8 of this challenge.  

You can post anything you wish and please let me know if you accepted the challenge. 

Good luck ! 

2 thoughts on “Travel Challenge – Day 8.

  1. Your challenge has introduced me to so many wonderful blogs, so many beautiful images. Thank you! I know how you feel about not being able to travel right now, but the time will come again. I was lucky to be able to travel for a few years before life got in the way, so to speak. So many places I would love to have seen, but I have wonderful memories of the places I did see, etched into my brain. What a wonderful planet. If only we can persuade people to preserve it!

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    1. Thanks for your wonderful and kind words. I know we have to patient and wait probably another 1-2 years to have our lives back. I am very happy that I had a chance to travel. And you are absolutely right, the memories will warm up our souls. Thanks again for your support. Happy holidays!


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