My first collaborative project !

I was happily participating in my first collaborative project “Bloggers with a view – Path.”  

It was not only an exciting, good experience and fun for me, but also this awesome idea unites people, community, gives smiles and emotional support which is very important in this uncertain and difficult time.  

I would like to thank VO from My French Chronicles for this great idea, supporting others and inviting me to participate! I highly appreciate it.  And I open for another projects.

 Please visit her an amazing blog.  

Please click here to read the original post. 

Participating team: 

FINLAND The Life and Travels of Mrs Suvi

 AUSTRALIA Something to Ponder About

NYC Wandering Explorer Travel

COLORADO I Choose This

LOS ANGELES Rebecca Goes Rendezvous

OREGON Go Jules Go

CANADA The Sandy Chronicles

ENGLAND Travel With Me, 

POLAND Lost in Pretty Europe 

 and new team players from Canada Suitcase TravelThe Widow Badass BlogRetirement Reflections 


Where are we taking you in February ?

Bloggers With a View (The February Project Bloggers)

Bloggers with a View – Feb 2021

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