Colabarative project “Bloggers with a view: Goodness Spreading”

This is my second collaborative project “Bloggers with a view  – Goodness Spreading”  . 

It was not only an exciting, good experience and fun for me, but also this awesome idea unites people, community, gives smiles and emotional support which is very important in this uncertain and difficult time.   

I would like to thank VO from My French Chronicles for this great idea, supporting others and inviting me to participate! I highly appreciate it.   Please visit her an amazing blog.   

Please click here to read the original post. 

Participating team: 

Janis, San Diego California (

Pam, Boulders Colorado (…I Choose This…

Tanja, Split Croatia (

Usha, London UK (

Jules, Smith Rock Sate Park in Terrabonne Oregon (

Donna, Parksville in Central Vancouver Island Canada (

Angela, Canada (

Amanda, Australia (Something to Ponder About

Sarah, London UK (Travel With Me

Tony and Margie, Canada (Back Roads and Other Stories

Music is played by Rebecca (Rebecca Goes Rendezvous) + Hollywood clip 



Thank you, VO !

Lets take a care of our beauty !

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