Victory in Europe Day.

My Dear Friends! 

Today, on May 8, Europe celebrates Victory in Europe Day or V-E Day!  

V-E Day marks the end of the World War II in Europe and victory of the Allied Forces in 1945. About 70 million people were killed in this most terrible war of the 20th century. 

Many thanks to everyone who defended Europe from Nazism! 

Let the courage and heroism of this great holiday never be forgotten by anyone. Let the spirit of victory inspire hearts and lead forward – to new successes and achievements. And may the whole world always live-in peace. 

Happy V-E Day! 

8 thoughts on “Victory in Europe Day.

  1. Strangely every book I read lately refers to WW2, books from authors who have never written about that period before and I keep seeing references to the World Wars. I wonder is it me or is it an awareness that soon there will be no one left who remembers the events? Sadly, one felt that humanity would take a lesson from those wars and that we would build a better world. My generation in particular. I feel so let down that it never happened. But we should still celebrate the end of WW2 and honour those who fought and/or died.

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    1. Probably it’s sign, kind of reminder of these wars.
      My favorite author is Erich Maria Remarque who wrote about WWII and all his books are very touchy. You are right, unfortunately people don’t learn from the past…..but we should remember these who fought and died for better future.

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    1. Yes, mamy of us should be grateful for our lives. And there not so many veterans still alive.
      Three my mom’s siblings died from starvation during the war. My husband’s grandfather was military pilot and his grandmother was nurse on the front line.


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