Coffee Break: Iris van Herpen

I’m so tired of the all news: COVID, pandemic, virus, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine….. Can’t hear this any longer. Looks like nothing happened in the world anymore. And for me pandemic – vaccine news becomes so annoying.
Let’s take a break.


What about coffee break ?

I think coffee break will be even better. So…. Have a cup of your favorite coffees, cigarette if you smoke or just chocolate.
Look what I discover!

Iris Van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen is a 37 year old Dutch fashion designer known for mixing fusing technology with traditional haute couture.Her design style can be described as a posthuman style and most of her designs take inspiration from nature which she combines with technologies like 3D printing

**Posthuman is a concept originating in the field of science fiction, futurology, contemporary art, and philosophy that means a person exists in a state other than human.

Just watch videos. It is amzing!

It is so unbelievably incredible, isn’t it ?!

Lets take a care of our beauty !

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32 thoughts on “Coffee Break: Iris van Herpen

  1. Taking a break is the way to go. Too much doom and gloom in the news cycle, political, economic, wars, famines, storms, pandemic. We used to watch AC 360 to keep up to date, but when the news became all about one topic, we did the skim version. 60 minutes zoomed by in less than 2 minutes of actual news. Afternoon coffee breaks and reading serve a better purpose. There is more in the world, than just doom and gloom and it needs to be showcased. Stay well Angela. Allan

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    1. Exactly! One topic for 24/7….. became pretty annoying….. Before in the morning I always read the news, now I can skip the them for several days and I feel that I didn’t miss anything. Enjoy reading books, coffee and stay well Allan.

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  2. Very beautiful! The ballet dancer is amazing but the fashion show is also stunning. Quite a presentation. I think it’s called poetry in motion. Not that I could personally wear any of those clothes, but what creative imagination! Thanks, Angela!

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  3. The ballerina is stunning as are the wonderful dresses! Incidentally I was on my coffee break while reading your post and watching the videos. Taking a break from the news is absolutely necessary for our sanity. I check BBC website twice a day and try not to dwell on it too much. Thanks for reminding us to pause and relax. Have a good day, Angela!

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    1. You had a real coffee break🙂👍
      I always read BBC news. I feel like their news closer to the truth, but now I skip them too.
      Sanity is a very good word and to be in this mode we have to take a break.
      Have a good day as well!

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  4. Amazing desings, so magical, so unique, so unprecedented! There really is a lot of nature inspiring her designs, and they´re so full of movement. Truly brilliant. Thank you for sharing!!

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    1. I read your post, I just don’t really have an answer. You have to just let it go and concentrate on other things which is probably more important than a phone call from your previous job. This is probably not helpful answear… sorry

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  5. This was such a welcome break from reading my morning news! Catching up on blogs I enjoy is a much better pastime. These fashions and the dance are beautifully immersive, flowing, a bit other-worldly… I find myself thinking of the film The Shape of Water. Thank you, Angela!

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    1. It is stunning. I was amazed from her designs. And fabrics, she does fabrics on 3D printing. Fabrics looks like alive. It’s incredible! I’m glad you enjoyed. Thanks a lot to join my coffee break! Have a beautiful day!

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