14 Interesting facts about cats, Fun project and Traveling tip. Updated.

facts about cats, travel tips, Rome travel tips

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are wonderful and gracious, small and vulnerable, fluffy and soft, amusing and smart, have independent character, a lively personality, they are mysterious and never bored. 

Cat lovers know these furry friends give a friendship, love and make a beneficial impact on the mental health of the people. 

I am a cat lover. I have two cats, and they are great companions, especially on days like these, where are so many tragedies happening around the world. 

I stopped blogging because I can’t absorb the news anymore. My own world has shuttered into a million pieces. I just needed time to recoup and start thinking straight again.

I sincerely apologize for my absence. I know, I missed lots of your interesting posts, and I apologize for that as well. Hopefully, I can come back soon to the blogger’s community, which I missed so much.  

In the meantime, I would like to dedicate this post to my adorable cats, who always comforted me during this time. 

14 Interesting facts about cats:

facts about cats, travel tips, Rome travel tips
  1. Scientists from the United States have shown that cat owners have a dramatically reduced risk of death from heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular conditions. 
  1. Some people are afraid of cats. This phobia is called Ailurophobia (fear of cats). 
  1. The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. People considered cats magical animals that could bring good luck to people. 
  1. There are 33 cat breeds in the world in total.
  1. In Medieval Europe, Pope Gregory IX hated cats and declared them an evil force. He ordered to exterminate cats, especially black ones. As a result, people got an invasion of  rats and a terrible epidemic of plague. 
  1. Cats use about 20 muscles to move their ears. 
  1. In some cultures, before entering a new home, people let a cat enter first. If a cat feels comfortable, calm and happy, it means there is no evil spirit, and it is a good place to live. 
  1. A cat’s nose has a unique print, the same as human fingerprints. 
  1. In Islamic tradition, people admire cats for their cleanliness and they may enter homes and even mosques. 
  1. In England, local farmers use cats to guard granaries. One cat which hunts mice can save up to 10 tons of grain in a year. Cats are also used to guard food warehouses. 
  1. Cats hate the smell of citrus. Citrus scents can be used to control the cat’s  misbehaviors. 
  1. Cats are very good at understanding the mood and tone of people voice, even if they do not show it. 
  1. Cats have paranormal powers. They can foresee trouble before it happens — they anticipate earthquakes, fires, floods and other natural disasters. 
  1. Cats can’t taste sweets. 
Facts according to the Guinness World Records: 
  • The oldest cat in the world was Creme Puff, who lived in Texas, for 38 years and 3 days.  
  • The longest cat in the world was a Maine Coon, named Barivel from Italy. He is 3’11” (119 cm) long.  
  • The heaviest cat in the world was Himmy from Australia. His waist was 84-cm and he weighted 21.3kg (46lb) when he died at the age of 10 years 4 months. 
  • The smallest cat in the world was Tinker Toy, a blue Himalayan-Persian. He was only 7 cm (2.75 in) tall and 19 cm (7.5 in) long. He lived in Illinois, USA, and died at the age of six. 

Fun project.

This part of my post I will leave for you, my dear readers. For your delightful stories about cats.  

I am encouraging everyone to share a story about cats and have a little fun together.  

It can be any story, legend, myth, adventure, sculptures, facts or just cool pictures of cats. I will publish your story in this post.  

You can write your story directly in the comments or use the contact form from my blog. Please don’t forget to indicate your name and title of your blog. I would like to attach your website link.  

Hope you will participate.  

Much appreciated! 

Bloggers’s Stories about cats: 

My sweet cats, Thomas and Molly.

Thomas and Molly have an absolutely polarizing character, but they are funny and clever and I enjoy their lovely company a lot. 

Thomas loves to go outside, so we take him for a walk every day, in any weather condition. 

I adopted a cat last year & named her Izzy. She is the first one I’ve had since I was a small girl. She can be an angel on occasion, a hellion more often, but for the most part she is independent and “hunts” from the inside ledge of our windows. She grunts when she doesn’t like something. And in the middle of the night when we are sleeping and she decides she wants to play, she comes into the bedroom meowing as loud & as long as she possibly can! It is irritating but so funny!

Animals have always meant the world to me but cats became my companions permanently almost 50 years ago and although I love, or loved them all, there have been some that really stole a place deep in my heart. Yeti came to me after I lost my first. She was with me from 5 weeks until she died at 17. Panther was a goofy little black cat with malformed front legs. When he died from kidney disease I mourned as most mourn for a human. He was my buddy. Then 18 months after I looked up from my window one day and saw a pair of green eyes looking back into mine from the ivy on the hill. A six-month or so kitten, apparently stray. We trapped her, expecting her to hiss and scratch but she came out of the trap into my lap purring. Willow has been with me…and my many other “rescues” ever since. She has a neurologic problem, epilepsy maybe, and she gets medication twice a day. She actually comes and asks for her med. I did not teach her, she just started doing it. She is my little mystery cat. Complex and quirky but she regards me as hers. I always say that Panther sent her. Silly, I know, but we think what makes us feel better. We have a connection that I do not understand, but I don’t need to. I have 10 other cats, left over from various rescues and they all have a piece of my heart. They always will. They are the best.

Yetismith, CatsinCambridge

In some cultures, black cats are the object of superstitions. Some people sincerely believe that a black cat brings misfortune, especially when it crosses your road. According to other superstitious people, a black cat is a wonderful protective talisman for the home.

Traveling Tip:

Cool place to see a cat colony in Rome.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Location: Largo di Torre Argentina Via Arenula corner (archaeological area) 

6 minutes walk from Pantheon 

20 minutes walk from Colosseum

Opening hours: Everyday: 12am- 5pm 

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Cats have been very popular in Rome since ancient times. Cats were not only hunting mice and rats, but also were great companions for wealthy people The ancient Romans admired cats for their grace and independent spirit. 

These days, Rome includes over 300,000 cats and around 120,000 are street cats. 

In Rome, cats have been protected by law since 1991

  • Abusing a cat is a crime punished by law. 
  • Cats have a right to settle where they choose and it is prohibited to transfer them to a different location from the place they stay. 
  • People may feed the cats in the places they choose to live. 
  • Local health authorities must look after the neutering of the felines for free. 

One of the most famous tourist attractions of the cat colony in Rome is the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. 

It is located at an archaeological site in the center of Piazza di Torre Argentina. 

This is a lovely spot to visit, especially if you are a cat lover. The people who work there are all volunteers and they do a wonderful job. You can go inside the office, and staff members will show you around, where you can meet cats or just see them sunbathing in the ancient ruins. 
This is a brief stop will bring you fun and will be a good bonus to your day. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 

If you are planning to go to the trip, don’t forget to take a care of your pets. Read the post with some ideas: What to do with cat or dog when you travel.

16 thoughts on “14 Interesting facts about cats, Fun project and Traveling tip. Updated.

  1. Hi Angela, I am sorry to hear your life is in turmoil. I adopted a cat last year & named her Izzy. She is the first one I’ve had since I was a small girl. She can be an angel on occasion, a hellion more often, but for the most part she is independent and “hunts” from the inside ledge of our windows. She grunts when she doesn’t like something. And in the middle of the night when we are sleeping and she decides she wants to play, she comes into the bedroom meowing as loud & as long as she possibly can! It is irritating but so funny! Many blessings to you, my friend. 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for your kind words, support and story about your cat. This is so adorable! And congratulations to have a new family member. Cats are fun. 🙂 Right?
      I added your story to this post.
      Thank you very much!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pets do have a calming effect on us humans … and it’s great that your cats do that for you (and they’re so beautiful)! I unfortunately never had cats as pets (and don’t have a story to tell), but I will never shy away from stroking them … that’s if they come to me 😉. Thanks for all the cat facts – it was fun to read through them! Take good care of yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No need to apologize Angela! I am just so sorry you have so much to deal with . Please know that I feel for you very much. I am glad you have those two cats. Animals are such a help to us. XX

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The world has become toxic, hasn’t it? I’ve found I like losing myself in writing–my getaway. To visit the creations of fellow writers. It’s soothing. But, I delete political and negative comments–no place for them in my writerly world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I absolutely agree with you. W
      The world has become toxic and insane for sure.
      I’m glad to have a
      pause and clear my head. Now instead of flying blind I can think more straight. 🙃
      Thank you for your support Jacque!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. As one cat lover to another, I am sorry things have been so rough for you. My two cats, who I frequently wish to strangle, have also been a great source of comfort to me in recent years. Infuriating beasts, but what a horrible world it would be without them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So funny. 😀 Pease, don’t strangle them 😀
      Actually Thomas is a very curious and active boy, and pretty often he drives me crazy, but at the same time he is lots of fun.
      Without cats, life wouldn’t be the same🙃 that’s for sure
      Thanks a lot for supporting!

      Liked by 1 person

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