How to celebrate 2023, Year of the Rabbit.

The New Year is just around the corner. The most magical holiday filled with joy, lovely surprises, and positive emotions.

Now it is time to decide how to welcome the upcoming 2023. What should you do to create a cozy and festive atmosphere for New Year’s Eve.

It is a good idea to plan a New Year’s celebration ahead and follow special zodiac traditions. This will provide a wonderful experience, as well as a great fortune for the coming year.

2023: Year of the Rabbit.

Most cultures celebrate the New Year according to the astrological Eastern calendar. This time, the year 2023 falls under the Rabbit zodiac symbol.

  • On New Year’s Eve, everyone expects magic and hopes for the best to happen next year, so we have to meet 2023 year in cheerful spirits.
  • Rabbits are timid by nature, but they appreciate comfort, beauty, and a cozy place to live. However, rabbits are fast, bold, and purposeful animals. 
  • As the Rabbit symbolizes family, harvest, offspring, and peace, life will be more peaceful next year.
  • Rabbits’ softness and tenderness give hope for harmonious, peaceful times and good relationships.
  • Rabbit is very romantic and dedicated, so marriages made in 2023 are likely to be very successful.
  • Having knowledge of many academic fields, the Rabbit will patronize all specialists. 2023 will be a successful year for diplomats, academic professionals, professors, and creative artists.
  • To achieve your goals in this year, it is best to stay quiet about your plans and intentions.
  • 2023 will be a successful and favorable business year, leading to effective communication, negotiations, deals, meetings, and minimizing conflicts.
  • The year’s prime number is seven, which symbolizes wisdom and good luck. For example, if a person includes the number seven on a phone number, apartment, car plate, etc., then this will certainly bring good luck to the owner in the New Year.


  • Some people may find it difficult to make responsible decisions, because the Rabbit is fearful.
  • The Rabbit is too pedantic and can not stand chaotic things, thoughts and actions.
  • It is likely that children born this year are gifted and generous, although frivolous, and that they will strive to become independent in every aspect of their lives.

Celebration of the New Year. 

In order to attract good fortune and prosperity to your home, astrologers recommend following a few simple rules:


  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends. You can’t be alone. 
  • New Year’s Eve should be filled with positive thoughts and emotions. 
  • Do not allow negative thinking and do not criticize the year 2022 for its mistakes and failures. 
  • Do not rush or make a fuss. Instead, be consistent in everything you do. 
  • Try to become softer in relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Look for reasonable compromises. Do not provoke conflicts and aggression. 
  • Ensure all business is completed and all problems are eliminated before December 31. 
  • Do a general cleaning of the house in advance. 
  • Decorate the apartment and Christmas tree in the chosen style and color scheme. 
  • Prepare a festive menu for the festive table. 
  • Buy charming gifts for relatives and friends.
  • Sign postcards. 
  • Choose an outfit for style and comfort, but take a closer look at the trendy colors of 2023. 
  • Do not give up on party fun, even if the Rabbit prefers comfort. Prepare games, contests, quizzes, charades, a creative photo session, or a small improvisation performance. You can dance or sing karaoke. 

Do not:

  • Predatory animal prints, fur textiles, and neon colors should be avoided.  

How to decorate a house. 

New Year is the holiday that many of us want to spend spectacularly and comfortably. 

A warm and cozy atmosphere can be created by choosing the right interior decor. 


  • A Christmas tree or fresh-cut pine should be the centerpiece of the room. 
  • Decorate the house and the table with lovely flowers, rabbit figurines, coins, glowing lights, and fresh fruit. 
  • Choose the interior decoration in natural, calm, and soft tones, avoiding bright or acidic colors. 
  • The designer’s favorite colors for the upcoming 2023 are lavender, muted burgundy, beige, peach, and terracotta. 
  • Blue, green, gold, and chocolate are all good accent tones for the New Year decoration. 
  • Do not be afraid of the black color. Black is easy to combine with most colors and it can undoubtedly become a chic accent. 

Do not:

  • Avoid animal prints as decor for the house, as the friendly Rabbit will feel uncomfortable and might take revenge on you.  

What should be on the New Year’s table. 

In planning how to celebrate 2023, each host should pay special attention to the festive menu to please their guests.

  • First, pay respect and bid farewell to the year of the Tiger, 2022. Have a good dinner with delicious steak and meat dishes on New Year’s Eve, but only until midnight.
  • Give preference to vegetarian dishes, such as cabbage, carrots, and apples, richly garnished with greens.
  • The perfect platter would be one that includes seafood, fish, or poultry meat.
  • Focus on light snacks instead of cooking a lot of fatty and heavy food.
  • Prepare something sweet for the delicious dessert with cottage cheese and cream.
  • Drinks with a milk base, such as classic cocktails and liqueurs, are ideal for the festive table.
  • Place a few apples and carrots on the table and under the tree for good luck in 2023.
The setting of the festive table:
  • A golden and sandy shade, complemented by darker chocolate, looks elegant and stylish. It works just as well in country style as it does in modern classics.
  • Green colors look very harmonious with gold, neutral beige, white, wood texture, and golden dishes or cutlery.
  • Florist bouquets will perfectly decorate the table.
  • Black dishes and decorations are appropriate for the New Year 2023.
  • Dark details like plates and napkins are sufficient.
  • It is also attractive to combine matte and glossy textures.
  • Napkin rings make an elegant addition to the New Year’s table. They instantly make the serving look chic and luxurious.

Do not:

  • There should not be dishes made from rabbits on New Year’s Eve 2023, since Rabbit represents the upcoming year and you would not want to provoke him.
  • Please do not drink too much, since excessive alcohol consumption can lead to aggressive behavior and the Rabbit will not like that.

What to wear on New Year’s Eve.

There is no New Year’s celebration without a beautiful outfit, so let’s find out what astrologers recommend for New Year’s Eve.

  • Rabbits love home comforts, but they are also aristocrats by nature and prefer to look elegant and aesthetic.
  • Outfits made of natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, or wool are the best choices.
  • Neutral colors should be used for clothing.
  • Embroidery with beads or sequins will make the dress shine and glisten.
  • A flowing dress, made of satin, silk, or chiffon, will make you appear stunning.
  • Leather and natural fur should not be worn, especially fox fur. Instead, wear artificial fur accessories to give yourself an aristocratic look.
  • You should avoid bright colors, sparkles, rhinestones, and tinsel.
  • Do not wear outfits with unusual forms and details like puffy pleats and ruffles, but you can use fringes.
  • Animal prints on the fabric are unacceptable.
Here are more ideas for your outfit:

Women should look spectacular on New Year’s Eve, and choosing the right outfit will help to feel more confident. Keeping up with fashion trends is always fun, but it is important not to lose sight of your own individual style.


Skirts on New Year’s Eve are more diverse. They can be straight cut, the A-shape, circled, or pleated.

Only midi length will be appropriate for this evening.

Bright accents on the skirts, like embroidery, will look very attractive. If you choose a brighter-colored skirt, then the top should be a lighter and more calm color. This combination will make an ideal ensemble.


Women’s pants can come in any style like bell bottoms, straight, palazzo, or culottes. You can combine cropped wide trousers with a classic top. Tights and skinny jeans are not recommended.


For a festive night, you should consider wearing tops with feathers. If you choose an elegant style top, then you can wear jeans or dress pants. Also, a lace shirt or blouse will create a charming look.


Do not forget about shoes, because they will compliment your appealing look. Complete a fashionable look with bright high-heeled shoes or sandals.

If you plan to wear suits and overalls, then choose low heels shoes, white sneakers, or classic models of brogues or oxfords.


Hairstyles should not be complicated or overloaded with hair products or decorative accessories.

Women with short haircuts can add shine to their curls. Women with long hair can wear a high ponytail or just a classical style.


Makeup for New Year’s Eve should be rich in colors, but also durable and long-lasting.

This season, the trend is to emphasize the eyes and have healthy skin. Use foundation to conceal any imperfections.

Lipsticks can be nude shades or brighter red tones.


Pastel shades with a silver tone will be a good choice for the celebration. Bright color nail polish is not recommended, but acceptable if the manicure is done in Rabbit’s favorite tones like black, beige, blue, mustard, mint, green, light brown, brick, and grey.

Avoid “the French” manicure for New Year’s parties.


Massive earrings, jewelry with pearls, and bracelets made of silver or white gold are a perfect choice and will look festive.

Jewelry must be made from metal, but without stone.

Also, you can wear bejeweled accessories, but you should pay attention to quality so that it will not look cheap and dull.

In addition, the trends of 2023 promise to include phalanx rings, textured and asymmetric jewelry, identical bracelets on the hands, fringe, and pearls.


For men on holidays, classic outfits are always relevant.

Men can dress comfortably for New Year’s Eve, but clothing should be made from high-quality fabric and well-tailored.

The stylists suggest wearing a blazer with elbow patches or a light-colored jumper, replacing the tie with a neckerchief, or combining a shirt, trousers, and dark straight-cut jeans.

The shoes should match the entire look. Classic models in brown and dark shades. Shoes like oxfords, derbies, brogues, or loafers will be an excellent choice.

As for casual style outfits, men can wear neutral white or black sneakers, solid color models, or with metallic details.

The best colors for the New Year 2023.

Stylists advised paying attention to colors so that the New Year’s outfit will look stylish and harmonious.

  • The primary colors that bring happiness and good luck are blue, light green, beige, red, pink, yellow, and gray.
  • Black, any shades of blue, orange, mustard, and brick will be perfect as accents.
  • Black is a very classic color that goes well with any color.
  • Blue will bring prosperity and wealth.
  • Green promotes health.
  • Pink will bring good luck in love, and harmony in relationships, and red will contribute to business success.
  • Avoid acid-yellow tones and dark brown

Final suggestions:

It is believed that the following actions will help to attract financing in 2023 if:

  • Put a large bill in your wallet.
  • Try to pay off all debts before the New Year, and return what you owe.
  • Hang bills and coins on the Christmas tree or place them under the guests’ plates.

In addition:

  • These who want to meet love or improve current relationships should hang decorative hearts on the Christmas tree and hold hands tightly at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  • Light Seven green candles on New Year’s Eve to attract family well-being.

The most important thing on New Year’s Eve is to be in a cheerful mood and to have the closest people around.

After all, New Year is a family holiday.

May 2023 be kind to Everyone !
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