A little drama.


I’m rebelling! I want to scream so loud! I’m upset! 

Summer is over. It just flew away almost unnoticed. It went by so quickly, and today I realized that I’m putting away all of my summer clothes without even having worn them: dresses, sandals, t-shirts… I put everything away until next summer, not even wearing them once. This year, sneakers have become my best friends… Nothing wrong with it; I adore them and they are extremely comfortable. But… I enjoy getting dressed up. I enjoy going to work, talking with people, and feeling alive in my surroundings. Right now, I have the feeling that life is passing me by and that I am not on this adventure train.

This pandemic ruined all of my plans. I’ve been quarantined since March and will remain at home until February, possibly longer… Who knows? I’m annoyed!

I’m rebelling because I want my life back, which will never happen. Life is already different; now it will change and alter our way of life even more, affecting all of us. Unfortunately, it will never be the same again. We must learn new rules and ways of living. Life is divided into two parts: “before and after the pandemic.” “After pandemic,” perhaps, will be a new chapter in my life, but I’ll think about it later, because now….

The drama began… I’m rebelling. I disagree. I’m crying and putting my summer clothes away… I know most of you will say “Silly Angela! Look around! The world just turned upside down: coronavirus, quarantine, protests, frustrations, anger, etc. and you are whining about your dresses …. You will wear them next summer. Not a big deal! Hold yourself! Shame on you!” Absolutely agreed! It is a shame… But… but sometimes it is impossible to hold yourself. It is hard to be strong all the time. Even strong women can turn to capricious girl.

I just waited until I stay at home alone and voila: laying on the floor in a dramatic pose… elbows above the head… bitter tears running down my cheeks… puffy eyes… red nose…and mascara all over my face. I’m feeling sorry for myself…poor me… and so on. I look in the mirror …. serious, ugly, and funny… The drama is over. I then eat ice cream with Baileys and feel good and happy all over again.

Sorry for my hysterical post. We all have a moment. I am still rebelling, but I feel better now.

It was a good emotional relief and a silly dress was just a childish excuse to cry. In fact, I have no reason to cry or be terribly upset. I am doing well, and I am grateful for everything in my life, including the quarantine, which may be a good motivator for me to do something else.
We often waste our lives on trifles and petty nonsense, missing the important points.

I think it is most important for all of us to be together, support each other and have another day of life! We need to find a way to live with gratitude and pleasure, even when it looks impossible. This is what is important. Life is an extraordinary gift and we must appreciate it! 

Stay safe, healthy and enjoy your life! 

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36 thoughts on “A little drama.

  1. I feel your pain! I love the ease of summer clothing, and yet, I’ve slowly been removing them from my closet and replacing them with sweaters. Sigh. Til next year. May the pandemic be behind us by then….

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    1. Thank you !
      I hope this pandemic will go away soon… and we can do something. To be full-time housewife became a little annoying. I never stay home for so long…… But most important today is to stay safe and healthy.
      Take a good care of yourself!

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  2. Rebellion was one of Camus’ main “solutions” to the absurdity of life. Rebellion is always better than bowing your head.
    I can only agree with you: I am pi..ed beyond belief. And on top of it you select a shot on one of my favourite spots in Paris: Le Pont Alexandre III. 😉
    We’ve also been locked up since March, escaping only one week outside of the city… We do have an advantage, winter here is good. Sunny and just a bit chilly in December. If you’re in Canada, I can understand the feeling of further lockdown…
    This will not last forever. My son-in-law is a doctor, as is our daughter, He tells us there are close to 200 projects of vaccine/treatment running across the world right now. They will find something… 👍🏻

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  3. This is a great post. It shows how all of us can succumb to selfish desires because we are human. I haven’t seen my youngest granddaughter in over a year. She has in that time learned to walk and talk and I am a stranger she sees on line. I hate that but we are all healthy and safe at present and that is all that matters. This was such a positive post with heart.

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    1. We all have a difficult time right now and I feel your pain not to see your granddaughter for so long. But as you said healthy and safe that is all that matter. Stay strong and safe!


  4. I completely understand your feelings … sometimes a little rebellion is justified (even if it’s just to feel better afterwards ☺️). I have just taken my shorts and dresses out – summer has arrived in South Africa … hopefully there will be an opportunity to put on my floral dresses before the end of this season 🌸

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    1. You have a summer ! So good! We have a winter now and we are continue staying home. I guess I will not have a chance to wear my winter dresses as well. Thank you very much for visiting and following my blog. Nice to meet you, enjoy the summer and stay safe!

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      1. Nice to meet you too … and thanks for following us on Wet and Dusty Roads ☺️. We have quite a long summer here in South Africa (from around November – March) … so, really hope I can work through my summer cupboard 🌞

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  5. All of us are a bit fed up with the restrictions, but if we all follow them and do our part, we will all be out of this sooner. This is a good training run for the next pandemic, which may not be so nice. Look at the positive side, no house guests means no need to clean and prepare, but, I know we all wish we could visit and entertain. Stay well. Allan

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