Perfect day in my favorite park

I think this is the last warm days and fall is coming with confidence: picturesque and vibrant, peaceful, and cozy. All colors are there: green, yellow, red. We have more multicolored trees now and more leaves on the ground. I instantly feel the fall in the air. Autumn has a special smell: watermelon, fallen leaves, damp soil, and pleasant freshness. It is still warm during the day, but the evenings are cooler. In the next couple of months, everything will go to sleep until the spring. But now it’s still warm and nice, and we have to take advantage of it and enjoy our autumn poetic beauty.

I spent a lovely day in Assiniboine Park. It was a nice and sunny day. People were walking and biking there, kids were playing and geese were resting before they fly to warmer places. It was beautiful. I can always find harmony and balance with nature. Amazing!

This is my favorite city park.

The park officially opened in 1909 and was designed in the English landscape style. The park offers a nice bicycle and walking trails, a zoo, art galleries, open stage theatre, children’s playground, baseball, and cricket fields.

Winnie the Bear, Assiniboine Park

Of course, we all know the popular character Winnie the Pooh. Winnie or Winnie the bear or Winnie the Pooh was a black bear, rescued by cavalry veterinarian Harry Colebourn and named “Winnipeg” (short ”Winnie”) after his home city of Winnipeg in 1920. Winnie became an inspiring character for writer A. Milne, who later wrote a series of books about the Winnie-the-Pooh. The statue of Lt. Harry Colebourn and Winnie the Bear is located in Assiniboine Park and crafted by Canadian artist William Epp

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Winnipeg is the Pavilion. It has been the heart of Assiniboine Park for over 100 years. The Pavilion is home to the largest collection of Manitoba artists’ works.

In the center of Assiniboine Park, we have the Riley Family Duck Pond. During the warm months, Canadian geese swimming there. People can sit on benches, eat ice cream, and observe their graceful beauty. During the cold months, the Duck Pond naturally becomes an outdoor skating rink and a popular place to enjoy the winter. I love skating there.

My favorite spot in the park is the English Garden. This is a wonderful, attractive oasis and the gem of the park. The Garden was designed by landscape architect George Champion. It has a luxurious display of thousands of annual and perennial flowers, shrubs and trees in English Landscape style. It is a popular park attraction. 

At the entrance of the garden is a lovely fountain and a statue of the “Boy with the Boot.” The statue of the boy is popular and there are at least 24 copies around the world. The exact origin of the statue of the “Boy with the Boot” has been uncertain. But you might find the copies in Stockholm, Sweden, Parque Vidal of Santa Clara, Cuba, Cleethorpes, England, and Caracas, Venezuela. I believe Unites States has about 10 statues of the boy. The iconic statue has also been called The Boy with the Leaky Boot, Boy Immigrant and Unfortunate Boot.

Also, at the entrance gate, you can discover the beautiful statue “The Lady in the Park”, created in 1994 by Romanian-American artist Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel. The sign on the bench says that Lady in the Park resided for many years on Wellington Crescent at the home of Israel and Babs Asper. The Asper Family has donated her to Assiniboine Park in their memory. Israel and Babs Asper are amazing, remarkable people, generous philanthropists, and great supporters in the areas of health, education, culture, human rights, and community development. The quote by Cicero on the bench beside the reading lady says: “If you have a library and garden you have everything you need.” 

The park includes the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. More than three hundred works by Ukrainian Canadian glass artist, painter and sculptor Leo Mol are displayed there. I found interesting fact that Leo Mol was Leonid Molodozhanyn and was born in the Russian Empire in 1915. Later in his life he emigrated to Canada. The Garden includes bronze and ceramic sculptures, paintings and drawings by Leo Mol. Absolutely fascinating part of the garden. 

Behind the Family Duck Pond and the English garden is another of my favorite spot. It is “Park Café.” It has a huge window where people can see the ponds and every season observe different views. One better than another. More neat view probably in the winter. You sit inside a cafe, holding a hot cup of tea with both hands. Feel warm and cozy and enjoy the view of skating people. But in any season a cafe offers a warm, inviting atmosphere and fascinating views. Love it.

It was a pleasant and perfect day. Very enjoyable and I feel happy and peaceful.

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  1. What a lovely park. I can see why it is your favorite. We don’t experience any of the seasonal changes being in Florida. Our leaves are starting to fall but they go from green to brown in most cases. 😊

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