Hooray !!! I am so happy !!!


I have 100 subscribers!


I would never ever think this might be possible for me and I couldn’t even imagine that I can have so many subscribers.

I am so thrilled and happy!

This website was my quarantine project. After I had got layoff at my work, I took some courses, just to fill out my days with something interesting, and some courses were about graphic and web design. In my practice, I created Suitcase Travel blog. It was only practice work and I didn’t even think I can get that far. My blog is a baby, only 4 months old.
I am still very shy, not so confident, probably do some mistakes, but I started to love to blogging and want to learn more about it.

My dear friends!

Thank you very much for reading my posts, for your comments, likes and your support!
I’m very appreciated it !
I wish only the best for you in all you do!
Stay safe!
With gratitude,

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