Happy International Women’s Day!

To my dear women, everywhere;
Happy International Women’s Day! 

 Today is the day that symbolizes strength, unity, solidarity and the ongoing struggle for women’s rights around the world.

But also, today is a day that signifies beauty, femininity, grace and harmony. 

No matter how strong and independent women have become, we still embrace the capacity and right to identify with family, motherhood, home, comfort, peace and kindness.

My lovely readers, I wish you the best of health, inspiration, and the fulfillment of your most heartfelt goals.

 May all your smiles be sincere, may all your wishes come true, and may new opportunities and friendships continue to flourish.  Most of all, I hope that love and peace are all around you.

Ladies, young woman and little girls, remember you are valuable! You have a right to be happy, successful, and to reach for your dreams, whatever they may be and wherever they lead you!

With love,


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12 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. I only found out today that here is an International Women’s Day … here in South Africa we have National Women’s Day in August. So, it looks like we can celebrate Women’s Day twice a year! But be that as it may, Happy Women’s Day to you Angela 🌻.

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