Celebrate 100 Suitcase Travel Blog posts with an author. Q&A

Today I have a small achievement: I have already published 100 posts.

In celebration of my little blogging anniversary, I decided to conduct an interview with myself.

I think, through the interview, you can get a good sense of a person’s personality, worldview, and life opinions.

I will interview myself, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will be happy to answer them.

Let’s do it!

I’m very curious how things will turn out.

Her blog focuses on her travel experiences and tips for making travel easier for others.

Paris, France
Congratulations on reaching your 100th post!
As we are celebrating your blogging anniversary, I’ll start with questions about your blog.
What inspired you to start a blog?

Like many other bloggers, I started my blog during the pandemic, and I stayed at home for 9 months.  

The Suitcase Travel Blog is not a common blog name. Why such a name and what does it mean to you?

The name of the blog came right away and no matter how hard I tried to change it in the future, I still returned to this name. 

For me, the suitcase is not the only thing I pack for a trip; the word “suitcase” symbolizes accumulated knowledge and life experience. 

Perhaps this is the reason why I keep this name. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to gain knowledge while traveling and am delighted to share it with my readers. 

As Hans Christian Andersen said, “To travel is to live.”

I believe these are excellent words. 

Paris, France
There is an opinion that your team or environment should have both a person who adores you and will always support any of your decisions, and a person who has a completely oppositional viewpoint, who can express disagreement with you and criticize you openly.
How do you feel about criticism? 

I appreciate healthy and constructive criticism. How can you learn or improve skills if you don’t know your mistakes?  

In my opinion, it is incorrect to constantly glorify your brilliance and how wonderful you are at everything.  

I hate when people praise me for no reason. 

I believe it is necessary to discuss and analyze mistakes, and I would say that children should learn this from an early age as well. It is critical.

Sweet lies about perfection only lead to depression and self-doubt.

Can you give some advice to those who are just starting their blogging journey?  

First, I want to wish new bloggers persistence and patience.

Also, I would say whatever you do, do it with love and joy. It will bring positive results.

Likewise, good health and good fortune so that nothing can interfere with your goals.

Good luck!

Colosseum, Rome, Italy
Travel is one of the primary topics on your blog, so I am curious to know more about it.  
How long have you been traveling? Where does your passion for travel come from? 

I’ve been traveling since I was a child. 

My mother gave me a passion for travel. We lived in the north, and as a reward for living in such difficult natural conditions, we had 3 months off of vacation. Our trips to warmer regions were very common, where we enjoyed the sea, the sun, and fruits. Excursions, museum visits, and having a good time while absorbing positive emotions and impressions were all part of our trips. Most of the time, it was enough until the next vacation. 

Now, travel has become an essential and significant part of my life. I can always tell when it’s time for me to go somewhere; if it’s not soon, then I get bored and sad.   

Because I am a very insatiable tourist, as soon as I return home, ideas for the next trip are already spinning in my head and this is very inspiring. 

Tokyo, Japan
Do you prefer to travel alone or in a team? What are the most important qualities of a travel companion? 

I traveled alone a very long time ago, in my distant youth. I liked to travel by myself, I enjoyed it and I felt comfortable. As of now, I go on trips with my husband, and it is also very relaxing, easier, and fun for me. 

In my opinion, sharing similar interests, having a general idea, good communication, and being on the same emotional level are essential qualities in a travel companion. 

How do you choose a country (city, place) for your next trip? 
Do you plan your itinerary on your own or use the services of travel agencies? 

We always plan our own journey.

My husband spends quite a bit of time planning a trip, studying maps, and selecting the most convenient route. There is a lot of time and dispute involved in choosing hotels. Cleanliness, the convenience of location, and safety are important criteria for me when choosing a hotel. It should also be close to the attractions, but not in a tourist spot. Then we plan what we desire to see, which is probably the most enjoyable part of the planning process.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
The Ideal vacation for you should be passive or active? 


For me, lying down, eating, and drinking for an entire week is not the best vacation.

I enjoy walking a lot, sightseeing, discovering hidden gems, and admiring art and architecture. I need a vibe as well as visual beauty.

What advice would you give to those traveling abroad for the first time? 

Plan your journey. The better you prepare for it, the easier and more pleasant it will be. The internet has become a great source of information, and YouTube is full of videos containing tricks and tips. Educate yourself and plan ahead.

Leuven, Belgium
Another big section on your blog is dedicated to art and etiquette. Why these themes? What does it mean to you? 

I believe art is an important part of our lives because it allows us to escape from reality and enter a completely different, amazing, and extraordinary world.

Through art, people can discover their inner world, the world of grandiose ideas and dreams. It also allows us to create, think, and learn about various cultures and historical periods. 

Through the work of artists, poets, musicians, and sculptors, we can see what others comprehended before us, and these days we can see the world from an alternative perspective. 

We can also better understand our reality and modern life through art. 

The reason for this was the lack of proper manners in people, which I observe every day. 

I can’t stand bad manners. It irritates me a lot. 

Etiquette, in my opinion, is essential in everyday life. It is critical to have good manners and present yourself well in order to be successful in life.

That is why the role of art and etiquette in our lives is priceless.

I sincerely hope my blog spreads love, kindness, positivity, and informative content.

Our modern lives are extremely fast-paced and dynamic. We’re always rushing somewhere or doing something, and there’s never enough time to catch our breath and relax a little.
In this race of events and cases, do you still have time to read books, and if so, who is your favorite author?

I love books very much. They develop a fantasy and imagination, encourage the use of colloquial language and serve as examples of how to act in various scenarios, just as fictional characters in books. 

Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to sit down and read a book, so I have switched to audiobooks. But I’m still trying to listen to as many books as possible. 

Erich Maria Remarque is one of my favorite authors. 

Remarque’s life and creative path are both interesting and dramatic.  

He fought in World War I and was wounded five times.  

In the post-war years, Remarque managed to work as a musician in a church in a psychiatric hospital, at a cemetery, as a driver for a car company, and later as a journalist for the newspaper. Writing talent was immediately recognized. 

Remarque began writing novels but gained fame only after the publication of one of his books “All Quiet on the Western Front.” (1928) 

The remarkable novel became a sensation and is widely regarded as the most popular anti-war novel of the twentieth century. 

This novel tells the truth about the world’s deadliest war, in which approximately 9 million people died in combat and over 5 million innocent civilians died as a result of bombing, hunger, and disease. 

Later, Nazis in Germany publicly burned this book on the streets. 

This book has been adapted into four films. “All Quiet on the Western Front” was recently remade by director Edward Berger and Netflix in 2022

I hope that most people already have watched the movie “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

Ghent, Belgium
Besides reading books, what other interests or hobbies do you have? What helps you get rid of stress? 

Of course, my blog. This is my passion which brings me great pleasure.

Photography is another hobby that I really enjoy. I am very interested in photography, and I actually would like to take more courses. I need to improve my skill.

Exercise is the best way to get rid of daily stress for me. With the help of physical activity is easy to recharge and get more energy and positive emotions.

What kind of superpower do you wish you had?

Time travel. Then I wouldn’t have to spend so much time on planes and roads. In addition, I could travel through time, visit different historical periods and explore new places.

Florence, Italy
Do you have a motto?  

I have a very simple motto: Everything that is done is done for the best. 

In my experience, this is absolutely true. 

There is a parable: 

Once upon a time, a man got into a shipwreck and was thrown onto a desert island. He was the only survivor. The man heartily prayed and begged God to save him. He eagerly scanned the horizon daily in hopes of spotting a rescue ship. 

Eventually, the exhausted man built a shelter from the planks which were thrown ashore. 

One day, after searching for food, he returned to the shore and discovered his hut on fire, with smoke rising high into the sky. 

The man yelled in despair and fury:   

“How could you do this to me? “   

Sobbing erupted from him. 

The ship’s horn woke him up the next morning. The ship sailed to the island to save him. 

The man asked the sailors:  

“How did you know I was here?” 

“We saw a smoke signal,” they replied. 

The moral of the story is: There is always the opportunity to start over at any age and any place. 

Do not despair and don’t give up!

Indeed, everything that is done is for the better

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and we must find a solution for the current situation, let go of the past and open up to the future and new opportunities.  

So, unwind and enjoy life as it is. 

Minneapolis, the United states
What would you say to yourself if you had the chance to meet your younger self? 

What would I say to that little girl I was so many years ago? 

My dear, when you grow up, trust yourself, because intuition is your compass in life. 

Follow your dreams and aspirations so that you will not regret missed opportunities. 

Always do your best and help people. 

Be kind but don’t be comfortable for others, otherwise, you will miss your life.

Learn more languages and take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn something new. 

When you get really scared, don’t be afraid. Every change can bring something good. 

Let your loved ones know more often how much you dearly love them. 

Be strong, brave and never give up! 

Rome, Italy

Thank you very much!

I hope you enjoyed the interview!

With love,


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24 thoughts on “Celebrate 100 Suitcase Travel Blog posts with an author. Q&A

  1. Congratulations! Your blog is great, always full of very useful information and wonderful photographs. I love the reflections by the way. You make it possible for me to travel vicariously, now that I am “grounded”. You are indeed a traveller and not a tourist! I used to get annoyed when I overheard visitors complaining about the local food. Why travel if not to enjoy the differences? The name of your blog makes perfect sense. One of my old travel companions has just written a book for children called “Marina Travels to the North Pole”, Marina being a suitcase! I look forward to many more of your thoughtful posts. Best wishes. Having trouble adding this, so it may come up twice!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for you comment and wishes! I highly appreciate it!
      I was surprised to discovered 100th post. If I were more consistent, I’d accomplish more.
      I’m very glad that you enjoyed reading my blog.
      As I only received one comment from you, hopefully this was a short-term issue.
      Thanks again!


  2. Congratulations on your achievement, Angela! I think your ‘interview’ is very interesting and I can identify in particular with your feelings about travel, as someone who loves travelling, too!

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