Best crepes and onion soup in Paris.

I was so enthusiastic when I started this post and got very upset during the writing and researching process.  I wanted to share with you, my dear travelers, good restaurants in Paris and I figured out that most of them closed down because of the pandemic.   It was very upsetting and disappointing.  So, I can shareContinue reading “Best crepes and onion soup in Paris.”

Paris: fun tip for travellers.

Have you watched the movie Midnight in Paris?  If  NOT: I recommend you watch it. Believe me, you are going to like it.  “Midnight in Paris” is a romantic comedy, beautiful fantasy and well-done movie written and directed by Woody Allen. And, of course, it was shot in Paris, which is an absolutely gorgeous city.  It stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams,Continue reading “Paris: fun tip for travellers.”