Hooray ! Im so happy: part 2.


Am I dreaming? 

Pinch me! 

I can’t believe it! 

I can’t believe that I created a blog. 

I can’t believe I have become a blogger. 

I can’t believe I can write posts. 

I can’t believe that people read me. 

I can’t believe I have 500 followers. 

Five Hundred! 


 This is very good gift for my 1 year blogging anniversary

500 follewrs, blog, blogging, Suitcase Travel Blog

My Dear Friends! 

Thank you very much for joining my blogger’s journey, for supporting me, inspiring, encouraging and helping me to discover an absolutely new and unique blogger’s world. 

Thank you! 

With love,


Suitcase Travel Blog 

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before another lucky traveller swipes your gear!

49 thoughts on “Hooray ! Im so happy: part 2.

  1. Congratulations. 500 is a milestone.
    I have a suggestion: I saw that I wasn’t following you which surprised me, and I clicked. And I didn’t. Because I was required to give my e-mail and get your posts in my mailbox. I can’t do that, it’s already saturated. But I would gladly follow you in my reader. Go to your menu and change the settings for those who want to follow you. You will increase your “followship” (of the Ring) even faster…

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