Cool place to see a cat colony in Rome.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Location: Largo di Torre Argentina Via Arenula corner (archaeological area)

6 minutes walk from Pantheon

20 minutes walk from the Colosseum

Opening hours: Every day: 12am- 5pm

Since ancient times, cats have been very popular in Rome. Besides hunting mice and rats, cats were also great companions for wealthy people. The ancient Romans admired cats for their grace and independence.

These days, Rome includes over 300,000 cats and around 120,000 are street cats.

In Rome, cats have been protected by law since 1991:

  • Abusing a cat is a crime punished by the law.
  • Cats have a right to settle where they choose and it is prohibited to transfer them to a different location from the place they stay.
  • People may feed the cats in the places they choose to live.
  • Local health authorities must look after the neutering of the felines for free.

It is located at an archaeological site in the center of Piazza di Torre Argentina.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy cats. It is run by volunteers who do a wonderful job there. Staff members will show you around the office, where you can meet cats or simply see them sunbathing in the ancient ruins.

I’m sure this brief stop will bring you fun and will be a good bonus for your day.

If you are going on the trip, please make sure you take good care of your pets.

I hope you enjoy this post!

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5 thoughts on “Cool place to see a cat colony in Rome.

    1. I think it was a great bonus to our day. We didn’t know about the cat shelter.
      There so many cats and they all are so adorable that we almost adopted one. It was just not enough time to prepare all travel documents for a cat, so we left this idea.
      Thank you Lisa!🐈💓

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  1. So glad to hear cats abusers will be punished, severely, I hope.

    Where I live, transferring feral cats is also illegal, and it’s legal to feed them. I made friends with a few cats feeders in the neighborhood, most of them are women, but there are also two men. There are some in most neighborhood.

    Feral cats are beautiful, but their lives are difficult and dangerous. There’s not enough food for all these cats, and there are about a zillion of them around here.

    Liked by 1 person

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