My travel essentials: What I take on the trip and not go without.

My young friend was preparing for her vacation. She was very excited and there was so much euphoria that we all got involved and became very enthusiastic: giving advice on what to take on the trip, choosing dresses, hair, nails and so many other women’s things. 

Then I was thinking about what I usually take on my trip. What is my travel essence beside my passport, money and clothes, that I must have and not go without? 

Here are my 6 must-have travel essentials:

Devices and accessories 

Life has become absolutely technological and digital. Nowadays, we can’t even imagine how to live without a cell phone, Google maps, smart watches, etc. So, of course, the phone, camera and DJ Osmo Pocket for my videos must be with me on the trip, but it is also very important for me to have

  • Power bank – I always have to charge the battery on my devices during the day. 
  • Adapter – every country has different voltage and plugs. So, I have to take the proper adapter and extra chargers on my trip. 
  • Earbuds – sometimes I use it on the plane, especially during the long flight or to listen tour during my visit to the museums. 

Good and Comfortable Shoes

Good and comfy shoes are very important to me. I am a very insatiable tourist. I walk a lot. I walk until I can’t walk anymore, because I want to see as much as possible. Therefore, I need a good pair of shoes, but the same time they must match with all my outfits.  

Hair Straightener 

I always take a hair straightener on trips. On humid or rainy days my hair becoming curly, so I really need to straighten my hair. Unlikely, it will not last long, but at least I will look good in the morning and in a next couple of hours than my curly uncontrolled hairstyle will be back. 


With the years, I gain experience as a traveler, plus I am getting older, so I began taking more medication with me on the trip. 

Allergy, stomach problem, a cold, pain and who else know what might happen on the road. Therefore, I take a big bag with some medication for: 

  • Stomachache – must –have these pills, because every country has its own cuisine and, of course, I will want to try the food. But what if my stomach will not accept it… Right?  
  • Painkillers – just need it. 
  • Migraine – absolutely need it. 
  • Gravol – can’t fly without it. 
  • A cold – just in case 
  • Allergy – might be helpful  

Copy of passport and emergency contacts 

Before my trip, I always make copies of my documents and make a list of emergency contacts. All copies I put in each suitcase and bag in case if my documents will be stolen or other unpleasant situations. 

A copy of: 

  • Passport 
  • Medical card 
  • Tickets 
  • Hotel reservation 
  • Embassy contact – in my home country and at my destination country 
  • Police, emergency and medical phone numbers – in the destination city. 
  • Friends and family contact 

Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance for me is a must-have. I always buy it. Never use it and hopefully never will. But I think it is good to have it. Just in case. 

With insurance, I feel more secure and it is a peace of mind for me. 

I recommend all travelers to purchase travel insurance because traveling without it might be a very costly mistake.

I think that is all. 

What are your travel essentials that you must-have and can’t go without? 
Please share. 

41 thoughts on “My travel essentials: What I take on the trip and not go without.

  1. Basically the same, but I should remember to take copies of docs. I will definitely need reminders when I travel internationally again. I also take my password book, it’s an address book for passwords.

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  2. Travel is quite different to when I used to explore, but the basic necessities are much the same, We never worried much about having contacts for embassies, although it may have been wise. Medical kit…that was my department…I had the bases covered! Often travelled with granola bars in case there was no place to eat or whatever. Didn’t have a mobile phone, so that wasn’t an issue. We had a walkman for music. Most important for sure is good walking shoes, which I learned the hard way! I got sturdy Rockports that lasted 2 decades. Was so sad when I had to get rid of them!
    Great advice Angela!

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    1. I remember times when we had a paper city map and we didn’t have a phone. I just sent a telegram to my mom that I’m OK. It was safe.
      Now life has changed and we have to take precautions. Never know what to expect.

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  3. I fully agree with your list! I also have something that I like to carry with me because I can get anxiety with take off. Plus, if it’s an international flight, I like to carry this book called Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds. I hold it when I go through customs and/or border patrol (IF it’s safe!) and I notice the officers relax more when they see it

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story about traveling.
      I didn’t know about the book and now I’m very curious about it because I’m an immigrant.
      It is an interesting way to use book as a shield protection and message. Smart!


      1. You should check it out. It’s one of those books that gets a new edition now and then. I inadvertently discovered that airport trick when I went through security and they had to rip my bag open. The woman looking at my stuff literally paused and was really nice to me about why she had to open my bag and was respectful of me needing to run for my plane

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    1. It is good to have travel insurance and you can buy it from the broker agent. Also, if you have insurance from work you might have the travel coverage, so you don’t need to buy anything. Plus, if buy tickets with Visa or master card you might have some coverage from them as well. Usually lost of baggage or for rental car.
      Actually, I think this is an important topic and I might write a post about it 🤔🙂

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  4. I completely agree with with the travel insurance. I never traveled without one. Especially when traveling solo, I would write on it who they should contact in case of emergency, as well as a list of allergies and meds I’m taking.

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  5. I do the paper copies as well. There are times when there is no wi-fi, some clerk disputes a previously arranged hotel stay, etc. I throw out what I don’t need anymore at each step of a trip. I have the curly/frizzy hair thing when I travel to places with humidity and just bring elastics to tie my hair back, make sure my haircut is just long enough to do that. Not worth fighting with it! Prefer not to have things depended upon electricity, except for charging my phone and camera. Oh yes, I bring my slr with zoom lens, that’s a requirement.

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  6. Great advice on what you must take with you! I’d love to be able to pack light, but sadly I seem to feel the need to take everything but the kitchen sink with me (just in case!) One thing that I’ve found useful is a packing list. I keep this in my files and bring it out for every trip, ticking things off as I pack. When I’m away, if I find I’ve forgotten something important, then I add it on or if I find I don’t need something, I delete it. Helps not having to think of everything when packing and gives you a reassurance that you’ve got the essentials covered 🙂

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    1. Kitchen sink🤣🤣 just in case😀😀 I recognize my husband. He always over packed “just in case” 😀😀
      Packing list is a good idea, especially if you have lots luggage. “Just in case”😉
      Thank you for your tip!


  7. This is an amazing post!

    These were all the things I needed when I arrived to Hawaii!

    My friends just got back from Dubai! They planned it out perfectly. If I saw this I would have been able to give more advice though.

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